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Description of UiM (Unreleased)

UiM is an instant messaging application that allows for single-person, group chat, instant voice and video calls, group video conferencing, and all messages are encrypted so that users don't have to worry about the message being stolen by others.

Features are as follows:

1. Free to use: UiM all features are free to use, no charge for registration, and no advertising.
2. Video and voice conferencing: Single or group video or voice calls, let you contact without borders.
3. Group, single-person chat: text chat and send voice, picture, photo files, all messages are encrypted, so that you can chat with confidence.

Version history UiM+
New in UiM+ 1.3.23
1. 修改訊息更新的判斷邏輯
2. 改善程式運作效能
3. 修復閃退問題
4. 修復web view 顯示錯誤問題
5. 修復聊天室部分訊息顯示問題
6. 改善發送訊息效能
New in UiM+ 1.3.15
1. 修復部分閃退的問題
2. 改善程式效能
3. 修復部分UI錯誤問題
4. 修復限時功能顯示問題
5. 新增聊天室的設定功能
6. 新增聊天室回捲到最後一筆訊息的按鈕
New in UiM+ 1.3.1
1. 修正閃退問題
New in UiM+ 1.0.5
1. 修改密碼錯誤的流程
2. 修正刪除訊息後又再從 server 拉回未刪除訊息的問題
3. 第一次啟動後會跳出告知自動啟動設定的對話視窗
New in UiM+ 1.0.3
New in UiM+ 1.0.2
1. 修正Splash 顯示的時間
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